MAMIA ^43%

TASK: Our client identified an opportunity to exploit renewed interest in Australian Made infant formula by rejuvenating a tired pack design. Our brief was to strike a careful balance between science and love while also clearly communicating the three product stages.

SCOPE: Sub-brand rejuvenation & packaging design.

IMPACT: The redesign was instrumental in contributing to an incredible 43% growth in volume year on year.

PICK'D ^50%

TASK: To develop a new brand in the premium chilled juice space that is clearly differentiated from the “everyday” and “value” brands competing in the same space.

SCOPE: Brand naming, brandmark development, packaging design.

IMPACT: With no other changes to the marketing mix, the rebrand assisted the Apple and Apple & Mango variants to achieve an impressive 50% uplift in per store per week unit sales.


TASK: To overhaul the “Duchess” brand of chilled desserts, making it relevant to the modern Australian consumer and aligning it with a more contemporary competitive set.

SCOPE: Brand creation, brandmark development & packaging design.

IMPACT: The rebrand helped to achieve an impressive 25% increase in sales of the Italian family-sized desserts.


TASK: To completely overhaul the Lazzio brand to ensure it was clearly communicating a “craft roasted in Melbourne” message.

SCOPE: Brandmark and packaging redesign.

IMPACT: The new Lazzio branding helped generate a massive boost in the appeal of the product, with sales per store increasing by 39% versus the previous year.


TASK: To completely overhaul the Winking Owl brand to make sure it looked and felt modern.

SCOPE: Label and stelvin design.

IMPACT: Since hitting the shelf in September 2015, the six varietals are literally flying out the door. We don’t pardon for puns.


TASK: To create a new brand for an innovative, indulgent, positive snacking range.

SCOPE: Brand naming, brand creation, brandmark development & packaging design.

IMPACT: A smashing launch with hurdle rates hit within the first two months of the product going on-shelf, despite the launch not being supported by an above the line campaign.


TASK: To create a new brand for an international themed cross category product range.

SCOPE: Brand naming, brand creation, brandmark development & packaging design.

IMPACT: A launch of mega success! A very small range of products has now grown into a extensive array of products.


TASK: To create a new brand for entry into the ice cream cup market. The brand should be premium tiered, targeting adult consumers and be transferable across a range of single serve sorbet, gelato and frozen yogurt products.
In-store merchandising constraints have previously prevented ranging in the cup segment so will be ranged as a four pack in an outer box. The packaging needs to clearly articulate the individual cup and portion control element to customers.

SCOPE: Brandmark and packaging (outer box and inner cup) design.

IMPACT: Sales performance is ahead of expectations, permitting expansion of the range to include additional flavours. Format has resonated with customers therefore providing a successful entry into this segment.